Your Moon Sign: What It Is and Why It's Important

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We've Come a Long Way, Baby

Once relegated as a novelty to the back of women’s magazines, astrology has exploded in popularity in recent years. There was a time when it was only seen in monthly horoscope forecasts or ads staring out from glossy pages for psychics who’d cast your natal chart and interpret it for you.

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We’ve come a long way since then. Astrology is no longer relegated to the fringes in the internet and social media age. Instead, it has become a serious staple in the multi-billion dollar online wellness industry.

What many of us know about astrology is very general. Most of us know our Sun sign and see the frequent blaming of Mercury-in-Retrograde for the world falling apart.  (Which, by the way, is inaccurate.  Mostly.)


Why Knowing Your Moon Sign is Important

While the Sun may seem to be the star of the show, many don’t realize the Moon is equally important in understanding the overall picture of ourselves. Our Moon sign is simply the zodiac sign the Moon was passing through at the time of our birth.

Much like the Moon rules the night, casting everything in a half-light where things seem slightly out-of-focus and aren’t always what they appear to be, it also rules the shadows of our emotional world.

Our Sun sign could be described as the way we shine our light of expression out into the world around us, while our Moon sign is, in many ways, the shadow we hold within.

Humanity has long associated the Moon with birth and fertility. In much the same way, astrology associates the Moon sign with maternal influence and how we tend to the needs of our inner child, representing our comfort zones and sense of emotional security.

Reflective of our innermost emotions and moods and how we react to the world around us, our Moon sign is a significant determining factor in our overall personality. It might then come as no surprise that the sign our Moon is in strongly defines our defense mechanisms and survival instincts, often part and parcel of the emotional needs that may not have been met in our childhood.

What Can Our Moon Sign Tell Us?

Detailed Moon sign readings can uncover a surprising amount of relevant and potentially life-changing information.


Things like:

  • Where you’ve been misplacing your focus or attention and where to redirect it to turn things around
  • Life-changing insights into your personality that you can use to help you forge powerful relationships
  • Discover your true passions and what kind of environment you can thrive in
  • Reveal your true innermost desires that you may not even be aware of and how to make them a reality
  • Empower you by uncovering hidden strengths and talents and how you can grow them with ease


When I had a detailed and personalized Moon sign reading done for myself, I was surprised at its accuracy and the profoundly personal insights it provided me. In particular, what I learned about my Aries Moon helped me heal childhood trauma that I didn’t understand impacted my relationship with the world around me. That was a light-bulb moment for me in understanding why I respond to specific interactions the way I do.

Understanding my typical reactions and responses to situations, challenges, people, and the world around me was a game-changer. Understanding this has helped me manage my emotions and interactions with others better. It would be an understatement to say it was illuminating (No pun intended.  Okay, maybe a little intended.)


What's Your (Moon) Sign?

Since the Sun remains in each of the twelve zodiac signs for approximately a month, it’s easy enough to find your Sun sign with the month and date of your birth.

However, the Moon only remains in each of the signs for around 2 to 2.5 days, which means you’ll need to know the time of your birth in addition to the date and the month to accurately determine your Moon sign, especially if you were born just as the moon was moving out of one sign and into another.

Has this piqued your curiosity about your own Moon sign and what it means, and the potential personal transformations this understanding may hold for you?

If so, it’s easy to get your own personalized reading. You just need to know your Sun sign (sometimes also referred to as your Star sign) and the time and place of your birth.

These details are used to calculate the exact position of the Moon and planets when you were born, and those precise placements tell the story of your Moon sign.

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What are you waiting for?  Go! 🙂

I’d love to know how your reading goes! Let me know in the comments below!

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