Weekly Oracle Reading for May 3 - 9, 2021

Weekly Oracle for May 3 - 9, 2021

Weekly Oracle Reading for May 3 - 9, 2021

What do you see in the smoke above the cauldron?

This week, the cards drawn are Simplicity, Voyage, and Release from the Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn.

The message coming through loud and clear is all about embracing clarity and simplicity in order to prepare us for a journey of release and healing.

You know, as the Simplicity card reminds us, clarity comes by doing only what truly matters in life, simplifying things and focusing only on the most important tasks.  So many times we fill our plates with “busy work” as a subconscious way to avoid the proverbial elephant in the room, whatever that elephant may be for each of us.

Peeling away these layers and releasing anything that’s not absolutely necessary can lead to profound awakening and healing.  When there is too much “static” because we’ve cluttered our lives with toxic relationships, too much “stuff”, and time constraints, there’s no room for Spirit and soul connections.

So, now is the time to rest, revive your heart and soul, only taking part in what is most important to you.  Let go of all else,  which will streamline and simplify your life, opening you up to the wonder and awe of the world around you and inside of you.

The reason it’s essential that you focus on only the most important things right now is that the Voyage card implies you’re being prepared for a journey.  It may be an inner journey, or perhaps even a literal one for some of you, but at the core of this journey is something transformative. It may be a project or an idea that’s coming to life, a deep personal change, or a spiritual shifting.  All journeys in their own right.

Clearing internal clutter allows you to form a clear vision of what you want to experience, but be prepared for the unexpected… that’s part of the excitement of setting off on a new journey as a soul traveler, right? This journey will help you embrace a needed release in your life, which facilitates healing, growth, and transformation.

The Release card gently reminds you to let go of objects, situations, and people that do not serve your highest good.   This is all about stripping away all trivial distractions until you reveal the very essence of who you are.

If you’re holding on to the old, it’s difficult for anything new to break through and take root. Take some time and dig a bit into all areas of your life, inner and outer, and focus on releasing both internal and external clutter.

Clear your mind of old self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and dragging you down, as well as releasing physical external clutter that is mucking up the flow of fresh energy in your home or other living spaces. If you don’t use it or love it dearly, it’s probably clutter.  Clear it from your space and let it go.

It’s time for a detox… both inwardly and outwardly.

Where do you want to go on this journey?  Who do you want to be? Maybe you feel fearful right now, uncertain of the outcome of this dream, desire, or goal – or fearful of failure. Right now is the time to step into that fear boldly,  stripping away all the busy work and unnecessary distractions you’ve used to avoid it until now…. and just make it happen.



Ask your tarot or oracle deck the following questions:

How can I embrace simplicity in my life?

What limiting beliefs are holding me back right now?

What will help me release these limiting beliefs?

What is shifting in my life right now?

How do I break through fears that may be holding me back from seizing the opportunities being presented to me right now?


Don’t have a tarot or oracle deck? Instead, use these questions for introspection as journaling prompts. ♥



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