Weekly Oracle Reading for April 12 - 18, 2021

Weekly Oracle Reading April 12 - 18, 2021

Weekly Oracle Reading for April 12 - 18, 2021

This week, the cards drawn are Review, Weaver of Words, and Phoenix from the Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards.

We are being called this week to pause, to reflect and review,  taking stock of where we are and where we’ve come from.  What’s working right now?  What isn’t? We can see a windmill in the background of the Review card… Are you tilting at windmills ala Don Quixote?  Don’t be caught up in fruitless efforts.  It’s time to stop and reassess.

Perhaps an answer to a question you have right now lies in the past, a valuable lesson that can be taken from past experiences.  With the Phoenix, the card of second chances, drawn today as well, this may be an indication that something is being resurrected or reborn from the ashes of the past.

What meaning does this hold for you?

The Weaver of Words is a card of small ideas with big potential, a card signifying ideas taking off and taking form. If you’re a writer, then this card may be of particular importance to you and a project, with the addition of the Phoenix card, perhaps the resurrection of an old project, or an idea that it’s time to bring forth and nurture.  While the process may begin with a tiny seed of an idea, it’s careful work and planning that can and will ultimately transform it into a successful outcome.

This card can also serve as reminder of the power of words.  It’s all in how they’re used and put together that can elevate or destroy.  Because of this, this card can be a message that it’s important to use tact and diplomacy at this time.

As a whole, these cards drawn together seem to represent the potential this week for an idea (perhaps even a relationship, as this is a general reading) from the past to reappear, with strong potential for a successful outcome this time around.

Aries is the start of the cosmic wheel in astrology.  With the new moon in Aries this week, this is the ideal time to reassess, review, and even rekindle something. This Aries energy makes this the perfect time to solidify plans to bring things you really truly want into being.  Carpe diem, butterfly!


Ask your tarot or oracle deck the following questions:

What is working in my life right now? What isn’t?

What valuable insight does the past hold for me right now?  How can I use this moving forward?

How do I break through fears that may be holding me back from seizing the opportunities being presented to me right now?



Don’t have a tarot or oracle deck? Instead, use these questions as journaling prompts. ♥



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